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MedState Notation VIM syntax file
« on: July 09, 2008, 08:44:16 pm »

I recently found myself needing to write MedState notation, and so wrote a very rudimentary VIM syntax file. I may be the only person who uses VIM, but I thought I'd make it available nonetheless.

Two things:
1. The file is not pretty - it was adapted from another syntax file and hasn't been well tidied up.
2. It is not complete - it doesn't account for the PASCAL delimiters (~), and a few other situations.

Still, I use it constantly.


(I'd attach it, but I can't. As such, the whole thing is pasted below:)
" Vim syntax file
" Language:   medpc
" Version: 1.0
" Last Change:   2007/06/07 12:43:00
" Maintainer:  Simeon Morgan <>

" Contributors:

" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if version < 600
  syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")

syn case ignore
syn sync lines=250

syn match medpcStatesetMarker "^[ \t]*S\.S\.\d\+,"
syn match medpcStateMarker "^ *S\d\+,"

syn match medpcOutputZ "[: ;\t]Z\(\d\{1,2\}\|\^[A-Za-z0-9_]\+\|[A-Za-z]\{1\}\((\([0-9]\{1,2\}\|\^[A-Za-z0-9_]\))\)\?\)"

syn match medpcInputZ "^[ \t]*#Z\(\d\{1,2\}\|\^[A-Za-z0-9_]\+\)[ \t]*:"
syn match medpcInputR "^[ \t]*#\d\?R\(\d\{1,2\}\|\^[A-Za-z0-9_]\+\)[ \t]*:"
syn match medpcInputR "^[ \t]*#\d\?R[A-Za-z]\+\((\(\d\+\|\^[A-Za-z0-9_]\+\))\)\?[ \t]*:"
syn match medpcInputStart "^[ \t]*#START[ \t]*:"
syn match medpcInputTime "^[ \t]*\d\+\(\.\d\+\)\?['\"][ \t]*:"

syn match medpcOutputArrow "--->"
syn match medpcOutputStateTrans "S[0-9]\{1,2\}$"
syn keyword medpcOutputNullTrans SX

syn match medpcConstantDeclaration "^[ \t]*\^[A-Za-z0-9_]\+"
syn match medpcConstantInline "\^[A-Za-z0-9_]\+"

"syn match medpcOperator "[ 0-9"'\^]*"
syn keyword medpcConditional   IF

syn keyword medpcType      Var_Alias

syn match medpcLabel      "@[^,:\]]\+"

"syn keyword medpcBoolean   true false
"syn keyword medpcConditional   if else then
"syn keyword medpcConstant   nil maxint
"syn keyword medpcLabel      case goto label
"syn keyword medpcOperator   and div downto in mod not of or packed with
"syn keyword medpcRepeat   do for do repeat while to until
"syn keyword medpcStatement   procedure function
"syn keyword medpcStatement   program begin end const var type
"syn keyword medpcStruct   record
"syn keyword medpcType      array boolean char integer file pointer real set
"syn keyword medpcType      string text variant
"    " 20011222az: Added new items.
"syn keyword medpcTodo contained   TODO FIXME XXX DEBUG NOTE
"    " 20010723az: When wanted, highlight the trailing whitespace -- this is
"    " based on c_space_errors; to enable, use "medpc_space_errors".
"if exists("medpc_space_errors")
"    if !exists("medpc_no_trail_space_error")
"        syn match medpcSpaceError "\s\+$"
"    endif
"    if !exists("medpc_no_tab_space_error")
"        syn match medpcSpaceError " \+\t"me=e-1
"    endif
"" syn match   medpcIdentifier      "\<[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\>"
if exists("medpc_symbol_operator")
  syn match   medpcSymbolOperator      "[+\-/*=]"
  syn match   medpcSymbolOperator      "[<>]=\="
  syn match   medpcSymbolOperator      "<>"
  syn match   medpcSymbolOperator      "[()]"

"syn match  medpcNumber      "-\=\<\d\+\>"
"syn match  medpcFloat      "-\=\<\d\+\.\d\+\>"

syn region medpcComment      start="^\\\|\s\\"  end="$" contains=medpcTodo,medpcSpaceError

"if !exists("medpc_no_functions")
"  " array functions
"  syn keyword medpcFunction   pack unpack
"  " memory function
"  syn keyword medpcFunction   Dispose New
"  " math functions
"  syn keyword medpcFunction   Abs Arctan Cos Exp Ln Sin Sqr Sqrt
"  " file functions
"  syn keyword medpcFunction   Eof Eoln Write Writeln
"  syn keyword medpcPredefined   Input Output
"  if exists("medpc_traditional")
"    " These functions do not seem to be defined in Turbo medpc
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Get Page Put
"  endif
"  " ordinal functions
"  syn keyword medpcFunction   Odd Pred Succ
"  " transfert functions
"  syn keyword medpcFunction   Chr Ord Round Trunc
"if !exists("medpc_traditional")
"  syn keyword medpcStatement   constructor destructor implementation inherited
"  syn keyword medpcStatement   interface unit uses
"  syn keyword medpcModifier   absolute assembler external far forward inline
"  syn keyword medpcModifier   interrupt near virtual
"  syn keyword medpcAcces   private public
"  syn keyword medpcStruct   object
"  syn keyword medpcOperator   shl shr xor
"  syn region medpcPreProc   start="(\*\$"  end="\*)" contains=medpcTodo
"  syn region medpcPreProc   start="{\$"  end="}"
"  syn region  medpcAsm      matchgroup=medpcAsmKey start="\<asm\>" end="\<end\>" contains=medpcComment,medpcPreProc
"  syn keyword medpcType   ShortInt LongInt Byte Word
"  syn keyword medpcType   ByteBool WordBool LongBool
"  syn keyword medpcType   Cardinal LongWord
"  syn keyword medpcType   Single Double Extended Comp
"  syn keyword medpcType   PChar
"  if !exists ("medpc_fpc")
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined   Result
"  endif
"  if exists("medpc_fpc")
"    syn region medpcComment        start="//" end="$" contains=medpcTodo,medpcSpaceError
"    syn keyword medpcStatement   fail otherwise operator
"    syn keyword medpcDirective   popstack
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined self
"    syn keyword medpcType   ShortString AnsiString WideString
"  endif
"  if exists("medpc_gpc")
"    syn keyword medpcType   SmallInt
"    syn keyword medpcType   AnsiChar
"    syn keyword medpcType   PAnsiChar
"  endif
"  if exists("medpc_delphi")
"    syn region medpcComment   start="//"  end="$" contains=medpcTodo,medpcSpaceError
"    syn keyword medpcType   SmallInt Int64
"    syn keyword medpcType   Real48 Currency
"    syn keyword medpcType   AnsiChar WideChar
"    syn keyword medpcType   ShortString AnsiString WideString
"    syn keyword medpcType   PAnsiChar PWideChar
"    syn match  medpcFloat   "-\=\<\d\+\.\d\+[dD]-\=\d\+\>"
"    syn match  medpcStringEscape   contained "#[12]\d\=\d\="
"    syn keyword medpcStruct   class dispinterface
"    syn keyword medpcException   try except raise at on finally
"    syn keyword medpcStatement   out
"    syn keyword medpcStatement   library package
"    syn keyword medpcStatement   initialization finalization uses exports
"    syn keyword medpcStatement   property out resourcestring threadvar
"    syn keyword medpcModifier   contains
"    syn keyword medpcModifier   overridden reintroduce abstract
"    syn keyword medpcModifier   override export dynamic name message
"    syn keyword medpcModifier   dispid index stored default nodefault readonly
"    syn keyword medpcModifier   writeonly implements overload requires resident
"    syn keyword medpcAcces   protected published automated
"    syn keyword medpcDirective   register medpc cvar cdecl stdcall safecall
"    syn keyword medpcOperator   as is
"  endif
"  if exists("medpc_no_functions")
"    "syn keyword medpcModifier   read write
"    "may confuse with Read and Write functions.  Not easy to handle.
"  else
"    " control flow functions
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Break Continue Exit Halt RunError
"    " ordinal functions
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Dec Inc High Low
"    " math functions
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Frac Int Pi
"    " string functions
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Concat Copy Delete Insert Length Pos Str Val
"    " memory function
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   FreeMem GetMem MaxAvail MemAvail
"    " pointer and address functions
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Addr Assigned CSeg DSeg Ofs Ptr Seg SPtr SSeg
"    " misc functions
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Exclude FillChar Hi Include Lo Move ParamCount
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   ParamStr Random Randomize SizeOf Swap TypeOf
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   UpCase
"    " predefined variables
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined ErrorAddr ExitCode ExitProc FileMode FreeList
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined FreeZero HeapEnd HeapError HeapOrg HeapPtr
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined InOutRes OvrCodeList OvrDebugPtr OvrDosHandle
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined OvrEmsHandle OvrHeapEnd OvrHeapOrg OvrHeapPtr
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined OvrHeapSize OvrLoadList PrefixSeg RandSeed
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined SaveInt00 SaveInt02 SaveInt1B SaveInt21
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined SaveInt23 SaveInt24 SaveInt34 SaveInt35
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined SaveInt36 SaveInt37 SaveInt38 SaveInt39
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined SaveInt3A SaveInt3B SaveInt3C SaveInt3D
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined SaveInt3E SaveInt3F SaveInt75 SegA000 SegB000
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined SegB800 SelectorInc StackLimit Test8087
"    " file functions
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Append Assign BlockRead BlockWrite ChDir Close
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Erase FilePos FileSize Flush GetDir IOResult
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   MkDir Read Readln Rename Reset Rewrite RmDir
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Seek SeekEof SeekEoln SetTextBuf Truncate
"    " crt unit
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   AssignCrt ClrEol ClrScr Delay DelLine GotoXY
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   HighVideo InsLine KeyPressed LowVideo NormVideo
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   NoSound ReadKey Sound TextBackground TextColor
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   TextMode WhereX WhereY Window
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined CheckBreak CheckEOF CheckSnow DirectVideo
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined LastMode TextAttr WindMin WindMax
"    syn keyword medpcFunction BigCursor CursorOff CursorOn
"    syn keyword medpcConstant Black Blue Green Cyan Red Magenta Brown
"    syn keyword medpcConstant LightGray DarkGray LightBlue LightGreen
"    syn keyword medpcConstant LightCyan LightRed LightMagenta Yellow White
"    syn keyword medpcConstant Blink ScreenWidth ScreenHeight bw40
"    syn keyword medpcConstant co40 bw80 co80 mono
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined TextChar
"    " DOS unit
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   AddDisk DiskFree DiskSize DosExitCode DosVersion
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   EnvCount EnvStr Exec Expand FindClose FindFirst
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   FindNext FSearch FSplit GetCBreak GetDate
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetEnv GetFAttr GetFTime GetIntVec GetTime
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetVerify Intr Keep MSDos PackTime SetCBreak
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   SetDate SetFAttr SetFTime SetIntVec SetTime
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   SetVerify SwapVectors UnPackTime
"    syn keyword medpcConstant   FCarry FParity FAuxiliary FZero FSign FOverflow
"    syn keyword medpcConstant   Hidden Sysfile VolumeId Directory Archive
"    syn keyword medpcConstant   AnyFile fmClosed fmInput fmOutput fmInout
"    syn keyword medpcConstant   TextRecNameLength TextRecBufSize
"    syn keyword medpcType   ComStr PathStr DirStr NameStr ExtStr SearchRec
"    syn keyword medpcType   FileRec TextBuf TextRec Registers DateTime
"    syn keyword medpcPredefined DosError
"    "Graph Unit
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   Arc Bar Bar3D Circle ClearDevice ClearViewPort
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   CloseGraph DetectGraph DrawPoly Ellipse
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   FillEllipse FillPoly FloodFill GetArcCoords
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetAspectRatio GetBkColor GetColor
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetDefaultPalette GetDriverName GetFillPattern
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetFillSettings GetGraphMode GetImage
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetLineSettings GetMaxColor GetMaxMode GetMaxX
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetMaxY GetModeName GetModeRange GetPalette
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetPaletteSize GetPixel GetTextSettings
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GetViewSettings GetX GetY GraphDefaults
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   GraphErrorMsg GraphResult ImageSize InitGraph
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   InstallUserDriver InstallUserFont Line LineRel
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   LineTo MoveRel MoveTo OutText OutTextXY
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   PieSlice PutImage PutPixel Rectangle
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   RegisterBGIDriver RegisterBGIFont
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   RestoreCRTMode Sector SetActivePage
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   SetAllPallette SetAspectRatio SetBkColor
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   SetColor SetFillPattern SetFillStyle
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   SetGraphBufSize SetGraphMode SetLineStyle
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   SetPalette SetRGBPalette SetTextJustify
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   SetTextStyle SetUserCharSize SetViewPort
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   SetVisualPage SetWriteMode TextHeight TextWidth
"    syn keyword medpcType   ArcCoordsType FillPatternType FillSettingsType
"    syn keyword medpcType   LineSettingsType PaletteType PointType
"    syn keyword medpcType   TextSettingsType ViewPortType
"    " string functions
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   StrAlloc StrBufSize StrCat StrComp StrCopy
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   StrDispose StrECopy StrEnd StrFmt StrIComp
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   StrLCat StrLComp StrLCopy StrLen StrLFmt
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   StrLIComp StrLower StrMove StrNew StrPas
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   StrPCopy StrPLCopy StrPos StrRScan StrScan
"    syn keyword medpcFunction   StrUpper
"  endif
" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_medpc_syn_inits")
  if version < 508
    let did_medpc_syn_inits = 1
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>

"  HiLink medpcAcces      medpcStatement
"  HiLink medpcBoolean      Boolean
  HiLink medpcComment      Comment
  HiLink medpcLabel      Comment

  HiLink medpcConditional   Conditional

  HiLink medpcOutputZ      Identifier

  HiLink medpcInputZ      Identifier
  HiLink medpcInputR      Identifier
  HiLink medpcInputTime      Identifier
  HiLink medpcInputStart   Identifier

  HiLink medpcOutputArrow   Label
  HiLink medpcOutputStateTrans   Identifier
  HiLink medpcOutputNullTrans   Identifier
  HiLink medpcConstant      Constant
  HiLink medpcConstantInline   Constant

  HiLink medpcStatesetMarker   Function
  HiLink medpcStateMarker   Function

"  HiLink medpcDelimiter   Identifier
"  HiLink medpcDirective   medpcStatement
"  HiLink medpcException   Exception
  HiLink medpcFloat      Float
  HiLink medpcType      Label
"  HiLink medpcFunction      Function
"  HiLink medpcLabel      Label
"  HiLink medpcMatrixDelimiter   Identifier
"  HiLink medpcModifier      Type
"  HiLink medpcNumber      Number
  HiLink medpcOperator      Operator
"  HiLink medpcPredefined   medpcStatement
"  HiLink medpcPreProc      PreProc
"  HiLink medpcRepeat      Repeat
"  HiLink medpcSpaceError   Error
"  HiLink medpcStatement   Statement
"  HiLink medpcString      String
"  HiLink medpcStringEscape   Special
"  HiLink medpcStringEscapeGPC   Special
"  HiLink medpcStringError   Error
"  HiLink medpcStruct      medpcStatement
  HiLink medpcSymbolOperator   medpcOperator
"  HiLink medpcTodo      Todo
"  HiLink medpcType      Type
"  HiLink medpcUnclassified   medpcStatement
"  "  HiLink medpcAsm      Assembler
"  HiLink medpcError      Error
"  HiLink medpcAsmKey      medpcStatement
"  HiLink medpcShowTab      Error
  delcommand HiLink
let b:current_syntax = "medpc"

" vim: ts=8 sw=2